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How many times did you have sex in college?

May 12th, 2015 | Posted by punkpred in EX GFS

With how many different girls? I can say at least 150 times and at least with 20 different chicks. Not a bad record, but some of my friends did a lot better than me LOL. One thing that I didn’t do was make College Sex Videos. For some reason when I asked the bitches if we could roll video on the fuck we were doing they always said no. Petty cos I fucked some real hot bitches in my college years!

free college sex videos

However there is a website that has a ton of these college porn videos of people that did make them and in some time or place they got lost or stolen and ended up on that website. From what I understand, they have about 250 ready to go videos that are posted every single day and another 1200 videos that they have in house and need to be edited before posting. So in other words they have all the college sex videos that you could ever fucking imagine!

Its a pretty cool blog, so if you’re in to this kind of porn, then I suggest that you take a look around and see what it’s all about.

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